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B.W. Dyer has been specialists in the sweetener industry for over 100 years. The editor of the Dyergram, Nick Kominus, has been in the sugar industry for more than half a century and keeps a close watch on the variables that influence current trends in the market.

The Dyergram is our bi-weekly newsletter that pulls information from many sources and relates it to the sweetener market. In February and August special reports are issued for the International Sweetener Colloquium and the International Sweetener Symposium. Your subscription to the Dyergram also includes an annual labor contract update in February.

The Dyergram evaluates the impact of events in the marketplace and helps customers anticipate fluctuating prices and demand for sugar.

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The sweetener industry enters the new year surrounded by uncertainty under which it has to confront a number of issues. Adverse nutritional charges aimed at sugar in the media and on the internet seem to be unending. This has led some food manufacturers to reformulate their products by searching for substitutes for sugar. A number of communities have imposed taxes on sugary drinks. The beet sugar industry is confronted with mounting concern over GMO products. The future of NAFTA is in doubt. If it is terminated, HFCS exports to Mexico will be uncertain as will sugar imports from Mexico. And to top it all, the farm bill is up for reconsideration. All the charges that sugar contributes to obesity and other medical problems could intensify opposition to the sugar provisions in the bill. Efforts will, no doubt, be made to reform or eliminate the sugar program.